We’ve worked with some remarkably talented people over the years, details of our current collaborators and their skills are below please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in working with any of them or us as a group.

Max Heide

An exceptionally talented, creative and expert client-side developer with experience of working in a range of different engines from UE4 and Unity through to Cocos2DX, Swift/SpriteKit and Flash. For more than a decade Max has successfully blended his innate grasp of gameplay and user experience with a gift for crafting high-performance code to consistently produce results of the highest possible quality.

Kit Wallis

Expert Illustrator, successful comic-book artist and talented UI designer - Kit started his career by creating the indie comic-book hit ‘Monster Club’ before broadening his repertoire by working with both Kempt and Burke & Best where he leveraged his unique talents in order to ensure that their games featured artwork of the highest possible quality. Kit continues to work successfully in comic books as well as collaborating with Max and Chris on games projects.

Chris Rimington

Multi-talented developer Chris is never afraid of a challenge and has worked successfully on a dazzling array of projects ranging from casual games through to sophisticated server-side systems. Chris was a part of the core team at Burke & Best and now works on a variety of different indie projects ranging from proprietary VR software through to hypercasual games.