The following is a list of the massive number of games that were produced and released by Kempt over the years that it operated as a studio. Many of the smaller games are missing and a lot of the links are now dead but footage of many of them can be found on YouTube or on our archive on Vimeo.


Saving The Day (With Nationwide & The Transformation Trust)
A funny and yet educational  HTML5 game about how to manage your money.

Stunt Wheels (Self Published)
A uniquely silly racing game featuring our stars "The Magnificent Stunts"!


Red Bull Focus Test (with Red Bull)
A collection of HTML5 minigames designed to measure reaction time and other aspects of mental agility.

Reg the Roadkill (Self Published)
Why did Reg The Roadkill cross the road? Who knows... but he's willing to risk his life for it.

Stunt Gal (Self Published)
Jump, swing and kick past crazy obstacles & get to chopper on the roof before the building collapses around you.

Stunt Guy 2.0 (Self Published)
An update to our original release featuring the cast of the Magnificent Stunts... and loads more cars and features. 

Stunt Guy Classic (Self Published)
Remember when Stunt Guy had his own LCD game in the 80s? This is like that.

Danone Fruit Fusion Game (with Danone)
Match the fruit tiles together in this powerful demonstration of HTML5 wizardry.

Toro Rosso Interns Application (with Toro Rosso)
Another novel and fun way to whittle down internship applications: this time for Toro Rosso.


Red Bull Interns Application (with Red Bull)
A game to test applicants to Red Bull's awesome internship program... before they submit their CV!

Kart Fighter 3 Minigame (with Red Bull)
Unlock the fast-start mode in Kart Fighter 3 by showing how awesome you are at a Le Mans-style start - except with obstacles to hurdle!

Kart Fighter 3 - Unbeaten Tracks (with Red Bull)
Fast paced three-quel makes Kart Fighter better than ever, reaching #3 in the UK App Store!

Stunt Guy - Tricky Rider (Self Published)
Drive Stunt Guy to his next shoot on his Harley. Do jumps! Tricks! Faceplants!

Ninja Trials+ (Self Published)
Balance your ninja through more puzzles, and check out the unique free-to-play mechanic!

Marriott Rugby Sevens (With Marriott)
Simple try and conversion game with a chance to win a fabulous prize!


So-ho-ho-fa Delivery (with DFS)
Santa’s giving people sofas this year, to everyone that's been nice; help him deliver them! 

Stunt Guy (Self Published)
Weave through traffic… or smash it all up! Earn money, spend it on a new car, then go for a take 2!

Kart Fighter 2 - World Tour (Red Bull)
Race all over the world in this massive expansion to the original hit!

Ling’s Cars (with Ling's Cars)
Starring indefatigable Chinese car saleswoman Ling Valentine - clinging onto a nuclear missile truck! 

Red Bull Race-Off (with Red Bull)
Race around a new track in cool hatchbacks in this Australian-only version of Kart Fighter.

Fosters Skittles (With Fosters)
Line 'em up, and knock 'em down! ...is that the beer, or the pins?

Susan Boyle Trivia Game (With Sony Music)
A quiz game to advertise Su’s new album party.

Olly Murs Stage Dive (With Sony Music)
Stage dive with Olly!


Nations Noggin (with Tesco Mobile)
A collection of brain-teasing mini games, ranking different parts of the country against each other.

BMRex (with aGame.com)

Kart Fighter - Corridors of Power (with Red Bull)
The original driving-a-kart-through-palaces-and-the-white-house game

Tinie Tempah The Game (with EMI)
A finite runner featuring cool ideas submitted by the fans and sound effects from the man himself. Risk it for a biscuit!

No Extra Charge (with Energiser) 
Keep the hotel running... on rechargable batteries! A management game with a twist.

Royal Beasts (with Historic Royal Palaces)
Did you know there was a ghost bear in the Tower of London? Play as the bear, and more...

Beach Bar Babe (with a10.com)
Jenni is out for some sun, a good time and a nice summer drink… whoa, steady on Jenni!

Kempt GP (Self Published)
This may or may not be a re-enactment of actual events. 

Car Limits GP (with Car Limits)
The Kempt GP was so good, the hosts wanted their own version!


Wrath of the Snowager (with Neopets)
A thief has stolen Snowager’s loot! Chase him down with your icey breath and get it back.

Jumpin’ Gem Heist (with Neopets)
Catch gems as they drop from an inefficient gem-transporting contraption.

Uphill Vegas (with aGame.com)
Help Elvis get to his gig in his trusty pink cadillac! Hip-wiggle, jump, loop the loop, rock, and roll!

Daisy in Wonderland (with Sony BMG)
Follow Daisy into Wonderland in this cross-dimensional puzzle-platformer!

Unstoppable (with Universal)
There's a runaway train and it's loaded with a cargo of toxic chemicals! Best build a track so it doesn’t blow everything up then.

Running Back Attack (Self Published)
The gridiron game that anyone can play! Can you dodge through an entire defence to get to the end-zone?

Street Skills Soccer (with Pepsi)
Dodge cars, trees, flying watermelons and runaway elephants in your race to get to the big game on time.

Skyline Soccer (with Pepsi)
Kick the ball from roof to roof in this display of skyscraper soccer skills.

Beach Skills Soccer (with Pepsi)
Show off your superhuman soccer skills to win the big sponsorship deal from the watching agent.

Hannah and the Kreludor Caves (with Neopets)
Explore the moon of Kreludor with Hannah the Squirrel and her awesome rocket boots! Also features a built-in level editor.

Card Casters (with Neopets)
A multiplayer card-battler sporting cool effects and a hefty avatar system.

Ninja Trials (Self Published)
Balance on a ball, pop bubbles and solve puzzles trying to find your irritable sensei!


Potion Panic (with Neopets)
Push blocks to prevent advancing skeletons scaring your witch in this spooky, swampy puzzle game.

Duelling Decks (with Neopets)
Zenco the Magnificent has invented a card game, and reckons he can kick your ass at it.

Castle Defender (with Neopets)
Defend the castle and it's residing princesses from ‘orrible bugs, armed with jars of sticky jam!

Mouse of the Dead (with Shockwave.com)
Legendary monster hunter Von Mausing cranks up his gatling guns in a  unique mix of live action footage and cartoon beasties!

British Bulldog (Self Published)
Get from one end of the playground to the other without getting beaten up!

Alexisonfire - Young Cardinals (with Sony BMG)
A cheeky puzzle game set to an awesome soundtrack.

Triviala Tiny Trivia (with Triviala)
uess the celeb as their face appears in this snappy little game.

Digital Genius (with HP)
Can you score higher than the other players to become the Digital Genius?

Mathteroids (Self Published)
Maths! Rocks! Maths rocks! Mathteroids!

Into The Hoods (with The Southbank Centre)
Dance & groove your way past the Big Bad Wolf.

Snackalope (with Sony BMG)
Fire multiplying bunnies at carrots to the tune of “Black and Blue” by Miike Snow. Sweet.

Tube Crisis (with Sony)
Arrrrgh! Commuting sucks! Solve puzzles and ultimately achieve serenity in our Escape The Builder’s Armpit game.

Legend Of Surf (with Bic)
Extreme surf extravaganza! Do 360s to keep your speed up while dodging rocks, sharks, giant octopusses, Titanic…

Soccernoid (with SoccerMillionaire.com)
Awesome arkanoid / football hybrid experience. Great balls of fire!

Freeway Fallguy (with Sony BMG)
Maniac singer performs death-defying stunts on the front of a car the freeway. And you’re driving!

Celebrity Pedigree (with Triviala)
The dog breeding game with a twist - all the dogs are celebs!

Sonic Boom Town 2 (Self Published)
Destroy more buildings in a bigger city with an even more powerful stereo!


Fish for Girls (with Fish)
Hook a hottie!

Tiny GP (Self Published)
Are you Tiny fast? Tour the world in a minute and a half!

Chocolate Or Sex? (with Montagne Jeunesse)
What do you like more? Chocolate or Sex? Find out through the medium of pinball!

Sex And The City (with Osoyou)
Grab the cool shoes, dodge the boring ones in this promo for the Sex And The City movie.

Global One Water Game (with One Water Project)
Pump clean drinking water for the village using the Play Pumps roundabout!

The Hoosiers - Cops And Robbers (with Sony BMG)
Don't get caught by the fuzz! Run away from them instead.

King of Air Guitar (with King of Shaves)
Rock out in this Guitar Hero-style music game with a difference; there is no guitar…

Nightmares on Wax (with Warp Records)
Chill out, listen to some tunes and fall down some holes.

Extreme Safari (with Pentax)
Journey to the four corners of the world in your mission to photograph mythical beasts such as the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster!

T-Zero Turbo X (with T-Mobile)
Pilot your twin-engined racer on a series of spectacular space tracks.

Wildhearts Stage Dive (with The Wildhearts)
Can Ginger beat the devil in a stage dive competition?

Sittin’ At A Bar (with Sony BMG)
Drown your sorrows before the cops come to take you away.

Ninja Balance (Self Published)
The precursor to Ninja Trials. We recieved several emails saying a whole school was addicted to this. Stay on the ball, ninja!

Fish Eat Fish (Self Published)
It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there. In the sea.


Stand-Up Standoff  (with Universal)
18+!!! Chubby’s trying to perform, but he has to think of clever put-downs in response to heckles from the audience. 

King of Defenders (with King of Shaves)
Nut the ball into the back of the net as John Terry, and win the world cup! The most successful Flash Advergame ever, achieving well over 40 million downloads.

Be Unique (with MTV)
Be Unique is a manic, multiplayer, multiple-choice game where you score points for being different.

Keep Fear (Self Published)
Charge through a dungeon with a big axe, opening chests and dodging monsters!

Nav-U game (with Sony)
Navigate through traffic jams using only the screen of your sat-nav. Just like real life!

Toon Crisis 2 (with Sony)
All our hero wants to do is go for a jog in the park but it's not long before those pesky Devil Kids are making a nuisance of themselves... 

Cara Corp (With the United Nations)
Run one of the world's largest electronics companies and guide them towards sustainability.

Reckless Ringers
A game about the dangers of dialing and driving!


Toon Crisis (with Sony)
Shoot crazy cartoon characters with your fingers as they try to murder you against a video backdrop of London.

VaioWare (with Sony)
Our first social minigame game; play a collection of short games and see how you rank against other concurrent players!

King of Power (with King of Shaves)
Blast around pseudo 3D tracks around the world in a wicked powerful speedboat.

King of Skeleton (with King of Shaves)
Guide Kristan Bromley down a 3D ice tube in this Winter Games game for King Of Shaves.


Super WalkLand (with Sony)
A slick platformer/slash’em-up put together for Sony Walkman.

Big Ben Boris (Self Published)
Keep the future mayor of london on the top of Big Ben for as long as possible. Protect the ice cream!

The Armchair Games Redux (Sony)
A remastered version of the original classic, with an extra game and multiplayer!

Sonic Boom Town (with Sony)
Explore a massive city, upgrade your car and destroy buildings with your Xplod sound system.

Project ARSE (with kikass.tv)
An educational game demonstrating the dangers of drinking, and the liberties taken by aliens shortly thereafter.

The Kung Fu Statesman (Self Published)
Retrieve sensitive documents to avoid a scandal! Sounds like a regular day as a politician then.

The Armchair Games (with Sony)
Watching TV can be an olympian effort, as demonstrated by this collection of minigames!

Operation Switchover (with Sony)
Junkyards are filling up with TV's fast - what to do with them all? Blow ‘em up with an assortment of weaponry!


Get Set Boogie (with Data Records)
8-Bit Platform Action Ahoy!

Original Hardcore Pinball (with Ministry of Sound)
January 2004 saw the release of our debut game! Pinball but with bangin' house choons - what's not to like?!