Introducing Burke & Best

Hi there! How are you? How are the kids? Did you enjoy that holiday in Pevensey? It's been too long huh? Yes, an update is long overdue.

Way back in 2014 things were crazy. Although gigantically successful, it's fair to say that the production and release of Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 had been almost broken us and then we made life even-more complicated for ourselves by undertaking a fairly ambitious self-funded free to play game - Stunt Guy 2.0.

Over the following 12 months we then went on to: create a universe around it (The Magnificent Stunts) including comics, and TV screenplays, we applied and filmed for Dragons' Den, produced and released two more games in the series and dealt with the fall-out of the showing of Dragons' Den.

By January 2015 we were knackered so - obviously - we: Undertook a brilliant but ambitious HTML5 game project for The Transform Trust & Nationwide, started work on another game in the series (Stunt Wheels) and simultaneously tried to raise some investment to continue the project.

Gladly, somehow, all these things were a success! Stunt Wheels was a hit on the App Store and in May 2016 we launched a brand-new games studio in the heart of Kent.

This new studio 'Burke and Best' takes everything that was awesome about Kempt: the skills, the experience, the ideas* and adds-in three magical new ingredients: funding - through the generous support of the SUCCESS fund, backing - from some very good friends in the industry and a much larger team! We’re confident that world domination is now assured.

I’m glad to say that the first year of B&B has been a tremendous success. We've been working with some of the biggest names in the industry and are about to soft-launch our debut title: a sumptuous free to play mobile game for a major US media brand - it’s sure to be a massive hit so I look forward to sharing that with you soon.

Kempt is now focussed on the maintenance and exploitation of its IP/ technology, please do contact us if you'd like to discuss either.