As Stunt Guy 2.0 Launches

Well, D-day has arrived, Stunt Guy 2.0 is hitting App-Stores around the world (it should be in the UK in about 15 minutes) and currently things appear to be going reasonably well?!

Comments and reviews are starting to spring up around the web (we'll try and keep these up to date on the Magnificent Stunts site) we've had loads of supportive emails and messages and generally people seem to be being nice about it on twitter too... all good thus far then!

One thing that has occurred today is that - at the last minute - we managed to sort out a launch event - Literally, this was all organised today! Tomorrow from about 10am we're going to be in Canterbury City centre near the Clock Tower - there'll be four reps from Kempt demoing the game and giving away merch and then - at about 4pm Chris Kempt will be doing a real, actual, stunt! Really!

Check out the announcement on Facebook and, if you happen to be around come along to see a life, or a career, ending!

Discover the All-new MemeCounter!

Over the last few years we've pumped a tremendous amount of effort into making sure that MemeCounter is the very best in its class with regard to features but lets face it, it's always been a bit, well... how should I say it... challenged, in its appearance.

So, it's been a little while coming but we've finally got around to giving MemeCounter a lick of paint, please do head over to and let us know what you think!